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  • Electric Violinist Hire is a perfect way of adding glamour to your party. Performing alongside a DJ, backing tracks or as a high impact show.


    Our versatile electric violinists perform everything from traditional classical music, chill-out music, to pop and jazz music. High-impact performer’s who interact well with the crowd and have thrilled audiences worldwide with their ability to combine choreography and improvisation into performances.

    Performing in London, throughout the UK, and around the world, our stunning electric violinist’s have performed at venues such as The O2 Arena, Cardiff Millennium Stadium, The Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena, Hammersmith Apollo, Rhythms of the World Festival, one of whom was featured as a soloist at The Roundhouse London. Performances have taken them around the world to Qatar, Bermuda, Monte Carlo, Bahrain, Thailand and Malaysia.

    These electric violinist’s past performances include UK’s biggest artists such as Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, John Newman, FKA Twigs, Sam Bailey, Alfie Boe, Russell Watson and Nicholas McDonald. Television performance credits include The BBC Music Awards, Sky Sports, Britain’s Got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, and The X Factor to name a few.


    The history of the electric violin is a difficult topic with musicians and inventors creating their own versions throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Whilst there is no document of the first-ever concept, it’s reported that Elisha Gray, invented the idea in 1874.

    Decades later, in 1920, the jazz and blues player Stuff Smith took to the stage with the first electric violin. The well-known violinist struggled to be heard over the other performing musicians and after experimentation with various amplifiers and pickups, he took to using a National Dobro Vio-Lectric.

    This sparked the interest of several companies during the 1930s and 1940s. Suddenly, Electro Stringed Instrument Corporation, National String Instrument Corporation and Vega Company started manufacturing their own electric violins.


    All of our acts are available to hire across the UK and Europe. For events outside of London travel is charged at cost plus an overnight stay if required. Check out our Youtube and Instagram Channel for more videos and live performances.

    To hire our Electric Violinist for your wedding or event please contact us via email enquiries@musiciansinc.co.uk or our online booking form.

    Other electric violin acts include our Electric String Quartet.

  • Electric Violinist Background Music Options

    Up to 1 hour of popular solo classical violin music to piano accompaniment backing tracks

    Chill-out set (Up to 2 x 45 minute sets available of background mellow pop and soft house music to backing tracks)

    Electric Violin Pop Show 20 minutes 

    Electric Violin DJ Show 

    DJ Live (Up to 3 x 20-30 minute sets throughout the night improvising over a house DJ)

    Electric Violinist Classical Crossover Show 

    Palladio, Boccherini, Storm, Tocatta and Scheherazade


  • Prices start from £550.


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