London Acoustic Party Band

  • The London Acoustic Party is an exclusive acoustic party band that is also available as a roaming party band for your party or corporate entertainment. Their charm and charisma add to their performance, making them a fun band for all ages—a great bunch of musicians to have at your party. Based in London, the Acoustic Party Band can perform roaming around your guests or stationary as a traditional party band with a PA system. Whether it’s party classics or some Ed Sheeran guitar vocal hits you want to hear, the band will tailor their repertoire to your party.


    The relaxed laid back vibe of this acoustic party band is popular amongst many of our high profile clients. They create the ‘too cool for school’ vibe amongst celebrities and those wanting to encapsulate a house party vibe. This band is in high demand for Monaco Boat Parties, London House Parties, Weddings, and Private Members Clubs. We want to ensure your party is unique to you, and we will ensure we tailor the act to you, whether it’s the band’s dress code, themed event or your favourite party tune to open the night.


    You may ask yourself, what are the advantages of hiring a roaming band for your wedding or party? Roaming bands are fun for having something different for your drinks reception.

    The Roaming Acoustic Party Band option as an acoustic roaming band partying with your guests on the dance floor, in the lift or mingling amongst your reception. This is an entertaining and unique band and one of the finest roaming party bands available to hire in London and the UK. The band roaming is an ideal option for events where people do not know everyone or events where you do not have a dance floor. Being so close to the musicians when they perform can be fascinating; the band will surround groups of people and create a party atmosphere wherever your guests travel.

    With the option to amplify the band, you may ask yourself, how do I know whether the band should roam or perform as a party band with PA? Thankfully, this is where we come in! We will advise you on the best band hire option for you and tailor the act to your party or wedding. With nearly 20 years of experience in providing bands for private parties and weddings, we can advise you on the best option for you.

    With this band, you can have both options, roaming amongst your guests for the start of the evening or drinks reception. Bringing the party to a climax, their party band option on the dance floor, amplified for your party floor fillers.

    Hire Londons Acoustic Party Band

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  • Solo Guitar Vocals £650 with or without small amp to amplify vocals.

    Roaming Party Band  – Trio £1750 (acoustic no PA)

    Roaming Party Band – Quartet £2500 (acoustic no PA)

    Party Band – Quartet £2500 inclusive of PA.


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