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  • Our Laser Harp DJ is available to hire for private parties in Manchester and the UK. The Laser Harp DJ is a versatile & high-energy DJ Live set that combines the ultra-modern look and sound of a Laser Harp with the explosive rhythms and beats of a Live DJ!


    The Laser Harp DJ is a visually stunning instrument to play, allowing music to be created with light! Combine that with powerful Laser Graphics projectors that emit beams that soar over the heads of your crowd and you have one of the most engaging visual experiences that a musician can produce.

    Having performed at events all over the world including; Canada, The USA, The Caribbean, Italy, Spain, The UK and The Maldives the Laser Harp can be tailored to meet the specific needs of you the client! Be it an intimate corporate dinner or the Launch of a new Phone, the harp can be custom programmed and designed with limitless colours and possibilities to match the theme and branding of your company or event!


    All of our acts are available to hire across the UK and Europe. For events outside of London travel is charged at cost plus an overnight stay if required. Check out our Youtube and Instagram Channel for more videos and live performances.

    To hire our Laser Harp DJ for your wedding or event please contact us via email or our online booking form.

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  • This act brings haze machine, 4 laser projectors plus laser harp. DJ desk and DJ stand and Laptop. PA will be required in addition plus any additional lighting you might like. For a quote including PA please contact us.

    For events abroad extra baggage totaling 30kg will be required.

    Tech Requirements for Laser Harp Show

    Performance Area

    It is important that we work with the production or events company closely during the planning stages of the event to ensure that the essential safety requirements and our basic needs are met. We tailor our equipment and setup for each individual event and the Laser Harp and Laser Projectors can be setup on top of, in front of or even built directly into a stage. Please contact us to discuss this. For bookings abroad we advise building the stands into the stage to save onexcess baggage costs (please see below).

    Minimum ceiling height above the stage is 12ft. For maximum effect a raised platform is required this should be 6ft x 4ft and about 1ft high.

    Laser Harp, Laser Projectors and Audience Scanning

    We recommend for best effect that the audience area is directly in front of the Laser Harp. The additional laser projectors will be projecting forwards and it will create the best effect for the audience.

    All audience scanning is projected well above head hight and is in full compliance with all UKLegislation laid out for the safety of this. A full risk assessment can be completed upon request for a specific venue or we have general risk assessment for the Laser Harp show.


    Laser Harp can provide additional lighting if needed, this is fully designed to work with theshow and is DMX controlled. We find that blue light works best along side Laser Light as it is not to overpowering. If the venue is to provide lighting we require 3 different presets.

    1) Blue Wash

    2) Blue Wash with slow turning gobo or slow moving head rotation

    3) Blue Strobing Wash with fast moving head rotation

    For maximum impact we can combine our custom DMX lights with the venue’s to create the best combination. Prior planning is required.

    Natural Light

    As with all laser based light shows, Aurora Laser Harp requires the room to be as dark as possible.

    Air Conditioning

    At no point during the show can air conditioning be used, as we require the use of haze for the effects to work. Air conditioning must be turned off 10 minutes prior to the start of the show.


    It is absolutely essential that we are able to use water-based haze machines. Without this the laser beams will be invisible and Aurora Laser Harp will not be able to perform. Please ensure that this is cleared with the venue well ahead of time. We travel with 2 of our own haze machines to most shows, however any addition to that is always welcome. If we are doing an overseas show we will need to have them supplied for us.


    We travel with our own technician so all we need from the venue is two XLR inputs into their mixing desk or PA system. All other items are provided by Laser Harp and will be mixed and monitored by our own technician.


    PA System Requirements

    The system should ideally be a minimum of three-way, but preferably four-way active system from a reputable manufacturer (eg Turbosound, D&B, L’Acoustics). Mackie, Peavey, TOA, Behringer, HK or similar manufacturers are not of acceptable quality.

    The system should be run in stereo unless unsuitable for the room.

    The power of the system must be suitable for the size of the room and type of event (utilising delays and lip-fills where appropriate). It will require separate subs, no matter the size of the PA. An experienced system technician should be present during the soundcheck and the show to ensure that the system is running properly.

    Equipment Specification

    Kroma Laser – Laser Harp Generator

    Laser World Pro 1300mw RGB Laser Projector

    2 x NRG 1000mw Laser Projectors

    Stadium Haze Machine

    Pangolin Laser Interface



    4 x DMX LED Pars

  • Whilst DJ’ing our Laser Harpist with perform 3 x 20 minute improvised slots with the Laser Harp.

    Useful Information about the Laser Harp

    The Laser Harp looks best the Darker it is. It will work in conditions with some light but the effect will be reduced. A haze machine is used for this act and will need to run for the duration of the harp performance so that you can see the lasers. It is water based so leaves no marks or residue behind. It does not effect smoke alarms.

    About the Lasers

    2x NRG supper Mini 1Watt full colour

    1x LaserWorld Pro RGB 1.3Watt (laserHarp laser) Full Colour
    Kromalaser LaserHarp 3D Evo
    Pangolin Beyond Software with FB3 control box

    For larger venues we can provide a 5Watt NRG laser

    Shows in the UK

    If you require PA and lighting we can provide a basic rig for an additional £350.

    Shows Abroad

    Our Laser Harp performer will need to take two laser flight cases With 4 laser projectors plus laser harp. DJ desk and DJ stand and laptop. This can go in the hold of the aeroplane but will need 30kg extra baggage total.

    For events abroad you will need to hire PA and any additional stage lighting. We can advice where required.

  • Prices start from £750 for the Laser Harp DJ based on a 4 hour DJ set with 3 x 20 minutes of Laser Harp finishing before midnight.

    This includes DJ decks, PA, Laser Harp and Floor Lasers.


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