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  • Musicians Inc Burlesque Dancers are a great act to hire for cabaret nights and private parties. Our dancers take classic burlesque acts and shine them with more classic showgirl numbers. These sexy Burlesque Dancer beauties also perform high fashion androgyny and balloon burlesque. This means they are completely adaptable for any event and will always endeavour to match the theme of your event with one of their outstandingly unique performances.


    This dark and risqué Burlesque Dancer performance pushes the audiences social perception, challenging the average understanding of gender fluidity. This impactful and highly dramatic act is both thought-provoking and an enjoyable storyline throughout. If you are looking for an edgy act for your event to really stun your attendees, then this is it!


    Another more light-hearted performance offered by our Burlesque Dancers is the classical Balloon Burlesque. This performance is an absolutely charming striptease act based on the characteristics of the iconic Betty Boop. Comedic and fun our Burlesque Dancers are covered purely by balloons. A lovey-dovey performance that will no doubt leave your audience in fits of laughter. All of our acts are available to hire across the UK and Europe. For events outside of London travel is charged at cost plus an overnight stay if required. Check out our Youtube and Instagram Channel for more videos and live performances.

    Please note nipple tassels can be swapped for covered up options to adapt to fit any
    occasion & balloon colours can be chosen to fit the theme of your event. As with most of our acts, we can tailor to fit your exact event. Please enquire to find out more available options.

    To hire our Burlesque Dancers for your party contact enquiries@musiciansinc.co.uk

    For other acts similar please see our Showgirls act.

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