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  • Japanese drumming show that will wow any audience. Perfect for product launches, high profile corporate events, parties, London, Scotland, UK, Europe, Dubai.


    The perfect show for weddings and private parties that want an awe inspiring performance, our Taiko Drum Show is guaranteed to deliver a jaw dropping show that leaves guests speechless.

    Thundering rhythms on huge taiko drums, mysterious masked choreography
    with inventive lighting, muscular synchronisation timed to perfection, post-apocalyptic martial imagery & infectious belly laugh humour – all in a spellbinding display of sheer athleticism. Feel the energy & experience the power of this unique performance. As the most successful touring taiko drum group on this continent, they have developed a spectacular passionate style with music for the soul, fusing the traditional spirit with a contemporary look & sound, creating a modern
    stage performance that has captivated audiences everywhere.


    For centuries Taiko has been a part of the Japanese culture. The art of kumi-daiko, performance as an ensemble, originated post-war in Showa. It was created by Daihachi Oguchi, a jazz drummer who accidentally found an old piece of Taiko music.


    All of our acts are available to hire across the UK and Europe. For events outside of London travel is charged at cost plus an overnight stay if required. Check out our Youtube and Instagram Channel for more videos and live performances.

    To hire our Taiko Drum Show for your wedding or event please contact us via email enquiries@musiciansinc.co.uk or our online booking form.

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  • This show is tailored for your event.

    We offer a 20 minute show option, 45 minute show option or full concert of 2 x 45 minutes.

    Please contact us with details of your event and what you envisage and we will construct the show around you.

    Presented as a modern & theatrical performing art, with precise choreography, dramatic lighting, and a variety of costumes ranging from the post-apocalyptic industrial to gorgeous earthy silks. The concert is extremely diverse: powerful rhythms on an array of instruments from small hand-held drums to the thunderous reverberations of the huge Odaiko big drum, delicate bamboo flute, soulful voice, layers of percussive soundscapes, and innovative dance tightly integrated with the taiko drums.

  • These Taiko Drummers are the UK’s longest established taiko ensemble, and Europe’s only professional touring company of this thrilling & energetic performing art. With over 1,000 performances across the UK, Japan & Europe over the last decade, they have established a solid reputation for their gritty passionate style, setting themselves firmly at the forefront of Taiko drumming on this continent through their rigorous touring.

    They work as a full-length touring theatre concert, performing at prestigious venues including London Queen Elizabeth Hall, Gateshead Sage, Cardiff St. David’s Hall, Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, Brighton Theatre Royal, Glasgow Pavilion Theatre, and the Edinburgh Usher Hall amongst others. The group also perform on outdoor stages at a wide variety of music festivals, produce commissions for large-scale multi-media events, have released a range of CDs & DVDs, and have appeared on television programmes such as the Brit Awards & BBC Last Night of the Proms.


  • Just when you think it could not get any more powerful, it doubles in intensity. This show is not one to be missed.
    Edinburgh Evening News

    The most extraordinary show we have seen in 20 years, congratulations to you all.
    Mr & Mrs P. F. Mills, Herne, Margate

    I was at the Sage Gateshead last night and I have to say that the Mugenkyo ensemble were truly fantastic. I’ve seen several other taiko troupes, and none of them provide the entertainment quite like this one. I felt privileged to have been present at the performance. Thank you. The standing ovation was deserved.
    Adam Douglas, Durham

    This elevated drumming to a whole new level, visceral, organic, am not sure how to really describe it but it was pure symmetry and poetry combined. It was a wonderful experience and oddly enough,
    extremely moving too.
    Peter Deeming, Stafford

    Wonderful show! Could see it night after night.
    Mrs D Mills, Exmouth

    I can’t tell you how much we both enjoyed it, it was incredible. For me it was a very spiritual
    experience and one of the most amazing shows I have seen. It transported me to another place and time.
    Susan O’Neill, Isle of Man

    The rhythmic precision of the group is completely spell-binding! The whole performance is
    presented with such imagination.
    Mrs Jayne Davies, Newtown

    An absolutely stunning performance left me breathless and hoping it wouldn’t end.
    Mrs Angela Raimey, Exmouth

    This appeals to all age groups. The theatre was packed full of a mixed range of ages making for a
    very happy atmosphere.
    Ian Coggin, Cheltenham

    A magical show. Ethereal and powerful.
    Guy Musgrove, Worthing

    An evening that turned out to be profound and deeply resonant. We were all completely
    overwhelmed by it all the way through and your skill, respect and sheer enjoyment of the drum
    moved many to tears in the incredible sound you produced. You blew the roof off and we can’t wait to see you again!
    Simon & Doreen Cleggett, Loughborough

    I attend many performances of various types, opera, ballet, music – classical and modern,
    comedy, modern dance etc wherever I can… [Your] show was superlative, astonishing, amazing and truly spectacular – aurally and visually.
    Tony Hacker, Edinburgh

    I’m glad I was sat down – because otherwise I would have fallen down. Blown away and then
    some. Puttin’ it down like James Brown, bang on the money.
    Phil McCardle, Bury

  • Prices for 5 performers start from £1750 for a 45 minute show.

    Central Scotland: £1,750

    North England: £3,000

    Rest of Britain: £3,550

    London: £3,650

    Overseas Fees Start From:

    (This includes one performance day and two travel days either side)

    4 performers – £3,850 UK pounds

    5 performers – £4,250 UK pounds

    6 performers – £4,650 UK pounds

    This includes a full set of Taiko drums (carried in the hold of the plane), the big drum is not used for shows abroad unless requested (this will need to be shipped separately due to the size).

    Flights, hotels, local transport and excess baggage of 30kg of baggage weight per person must be provided by the client.

    For performances abroad the show consists of one drum per player (approx 60cm diameter x 60 height), which will be carried on as hand luggage. Please inform the airline when booking flights.


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