Tightwire Circus Act

  • We are proud to include this superb Tightwire Circus act as part of our ever-growing Circus Act series. This act is a well balanced, fun-loving circus act that will be a hit with audiences at any event. All of our circus acts have been trained at the UK’s leading circus colleges and has seen them perform for audiences worldwide.


    Our Tightwire Circus act performs a dance on the tightwire which explores elegance and fluidity to playful music. These tricks and amazing balancing skills allow the audience to transcend into circus induced amazement. Having studied circus arts in Finland and in London at the National Centre for Circus Arts she has worked as a circus artist for many companies and festivals, as well as touring the world as a dancer with the Finnish cult band Leningrad Cowboys. These light steps above the ground will create an excitable experience for all to see and enjoy.


    All of our acts are available to hire across the UK and Europe. For events outside of London travel is charged at cost plus an overnight stay if required. Check out our Youtube and Instagram Channel for more videos and live performances.

    To hire our Tightwire Circus for your wedding or event please contact us via email enquiries@musiciansinc.co.uk or our online booking form.

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  • A proficient wire-walker, but where she impresses most is in her artistic integration of two culturally distinct practises.
    The Circus Diaries

    There is a beauty in her performance´, a meditative, Zen kind of beauty.
    Private Party, London

    Incredible strength, balance, flexibility ingenuity and confidence.
    L Holmes

    Really breathtaking performance. Mesmerising to watch on stage.
    Leah Hand

    An exquisite piece of contemporary dance circus.
    Broadway Baby


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