Hire Musicians for Adverts

Musicians Inc are proud to have worked with some of London’s leading Ad Agencies on worldwide campaigns, from composing and arranging music for TV, recording music for commercials, casting musicians and creating flash mobs.

TV and Ad Campaigns we have hired musicians and arranged music for include TGI Friday, BT, Arsenal, Groupon, Soap & Glory and Betfred.

Musicians for Adverts & Ad Campaigns London

Musicians Inc ad campaign specialists work hand in hand with ad agencies building musicians and bands around brands for commercials, product launches and PR stunts. We have access to some of the finest musicians in London and Manchester with vast experience in TV, recording sessions and commercials. Musicians Inc will study your brief and ensure they team you up with the right music producers, video production team and musicians to ensure your advertising campaign is a success. We understand the need to work quickly and efficiently, delivering good results under tight time frames.

We were delighted to work with the ad agency for the BT and Arsenal Christmas Carol Advert. We worked to the clients brief providing a mix age range of carol singers to perform a series of carols with the Arsenal Football team. The ad campaign involved recording a jingle for radio, recording and adapting Christmas Carols, styling and filming for a series of youtube adverts and a live performance on Boxing Day.

Musicians for TV Commercial

We worked with the ad agency for Betfred casting musicians for three videos filmed for a series of commercials to be used on TV, online and instore. Photos of musicians were also used for the companies website and shop windows.

Male Violinist for Sony Ad Campaign

We are used to working with TV companies and production companies on last minute calls. We were asked to cast a male violinist for Sony Experia with only a few days to spare. The production team chose one of our leading session violinists trained at the Royal Academy of Music for a video promoting Sony Experia.

Mariachi Band for Groupon

We were contacted by Groupons Marketing Team who wanted to run a competition for Valentines Day. The prize was for a traditional Mariachi Band to serenade a loved one. The winner was filmed as they were surprised in North Greenwich with our Mariachi Band. After performing exclusively for the valentines couple the band went on to serenade the London advertising houses.

Hiring & Casting Musicians

Musicians Inc work with casting directors, casting session musicians, actors and dancers for adverts, PR stunts, music videos, TV and ad campaigns. We have a large database of session musicians varying in music styles, ages and image enabling to us to act quickly for all casting requests. Our session musicians are highly experienced in working in front of the camera and know the importance of acting quickly and efficiently in high pressured environments in order to get the results the ad agency and their ad campaigns. If you are looking to hire musicians for TV or Session Musicians for Adverts and Ad Campaigns please do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss your brief. enquiries@musiciansinc.co.uk / 0207 237 8050 / 0787 293 6297.