Social Distancing Party

Looking Ahead

Social Distancing Party

As the weeks go by and things edge back to normal many are thinking about planning a socially distanced party. Why not start planning a post lockdown celebration with your family and friends. Perhaps you have a belated birthday to celebrate or just want to catch up with those you’ve missed. We can provide the perfect socially distanced evening get-together for you and your loved ones.

Distanced Doorstep Entertainment

Social Distancing Party

Brighten your day, let us send a show your way! Why not send a doorstep entertainer to your home or to delight your loved ones. Our acts are all on hand to entertain and raise spirits as per usual. Respecting social distancing requirements, they can visit your home to perform your very own one-off exclusive show. Our acts can arrive and entertain you through the day or evening and will always ensure you and your family are comfortable by remaining at a suitable distance. We can arrange for performances outside your home, on your doorstep or the end of your driveway, whatever you need, you can count on us. You never know if the next ring of the doorbell will be your own tailored doorstep party!

Podium Performers

Social Distancing Party

A great idea at any time is our podium performers. Create an immersive experience with no more straining or neck creaking and struggling to see. Easily watch the show at your leisure from any direction. We’ll ensure our performers create the perfect respectfully distanced event to entertain you, and they may stay distanced, but the party will still surround you. Our most in-demand act is the fabulous Electro Swing Project.

Distanced DJ

Or perhaps you want to really get your groove on into the night, in that case, you’ll need one of our fabulous internationally acclaimed DJs. Have a DJ at your party for a distanced disco that will make you dance until you drop.

Aerial Acts

Hire Female Aerial Sphere from Musicians Inc on Vimeo.

Other party favorites that will suit your socially distanced party perfectly are our fantastic Aerial acts. Check out some of our wonderful performers such as the Aerial Sphere to bring a serious WOW factor to your gathering.

Arrange Your Social Distancing Party

We’ve truly got something for everyone, for more information about our many talented acts check out our entertainment hire page here.

So don’t delay, get in touch and we’ll take care of everything. Contact us now: