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Supplying musicians for events in Monaco.

Musicians Inc. supplies musicians from England for events in Monaco, Cannes and Europe.

Musicians Inc is a music agency supplying musicians for weddings, parties and corporate events in Monaco and Europe. Providing a tour manager to travel alongside your chosen act to ensure your event runs smoothly on the day. Musicians available include dance and music show, electric string quartets, jazz bands, DJ with musicians / chill out lounge duo (sax and percussion duo) and our favourite act to date Funky Lounge Trio – beat boxer, saxophonist and DJ.

Music Agency Monaco – Planning events in Monaco

If you are looking for musicians to hire for your event in Monaco then booking with Musicians Inc. could not be simpler. We will advice you on the best acts available for you for your event. Tailoring your chosen act to you and your clients needs to ensure you get the best results exclusive to you.


Music Agency Monaco

What you need to consider when booking musicians from England for events in Europe

When booking musicians from England it is best to book the acts to travel the day before where possible so that the musicians are fresh for your event. Musicians aren’t robots and like any other human being they need appropriate rest to provide you with the best performance posible.

Try not to book flights that depart before 10am from England as this will involve many musicians having to get up in the early hours of the morning to travel to the airport. With many musicians it is likely that they will be working till late the night before which will result in a lack of sleep.

Our musicians are highly professional and very experienced with events abroad and will always go to great lengths to ensure they go the extra mile to provide you with a great performance.

Musicians for Events in Europe

When booking events in Europe from England you will need to provide musicians with food and transfers from the airport. It maybe best to allow for a daily allowance per person with food available to the musicians on the event.