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Hire Party Band London

Hire Party Band London – If you are new to hiring bands for parties in and around London it can at first be daunting, not knowing where to look or even decide between a band. At Musicians Inc we want to make the process of hiring a band for your party in London and the UK as easy as possible.  We pre audition all of our bands hand picking some of the finest party bands to hire for events in the UK and London. Here is a guide to some of our favourite party bands and how to hire a party band in London and the UK for your party.


Hire Party Band London and the UK

Hire Party Band London – Let’s Entertain are one of our most sort after bands to hire for weddings and parties in London and the UK, with costume changes and superb interaction amongst guests. This is a 12 piece Party Band available to hire large events or venues. If it a band with WOW factor you are looking for then this is the band for you. Hire Party Band London



Party Band Hire Surrey

Party Band Hire Surrey – hire for weddings and private parties across the UK. Sometimes known as the festival experience band, performing as a 5 – 8 piece band catering for all budgets and venues. This band will play your favourite rock and party music from across the decades tailoring their set list to your party. Party Band Hire Surrey 

Hire Swing and Party Band

Hire Swing and Party Band

Hire Swing and Party Band based in London, a great band if you want a mix of swing and party music with male and female singers. This band is perfect for weddings, catering for all ages from the romantic swing era to songs from your college days. This Swing and Party Band perform as a 5 – 9 piece bands to make themselves available for all different spaces and budgets. Hire Party Band


Hire Four Piece Party Band

Hire Party Band London, UK, Europe
Hire Party Band

For those of you looking for young and quirky then these four boys are fantastic! This four piece party band, the After Show are brilliant with a great mix of party music through the ages. Hire Party Band.

Hire DJ and Musicians for Party

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t throw in a wild card to the ‘hire a party band’ section. The Chill Out Lounge Ensemble is a DJ with live musicians, you can choose from beat boxer, female saxophonist, percussionists and violinists. It is very cool and great for parties that want super cool! Hire Party Band