What’s Trending on the Event Scene for 2013?

What’s hot on the corporate event scene for for 2013

The weather may not be very warm but as always string acts are a popular choice amongst clients. However what they are interested in is string acts with a difference. We have created two string acts especially for corporate events. The first being Secret Strings a pop string quartet performing all your pop classics from Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Cold Play, Adele, Kylie, Oasis. https://musiciansinc.co.uk/artists/pop-string-quartet/ The arrangements are done by SLI productions www.sliproductions.co.uk who work with musicians and agencies to help them in the creation of their act from styling, musicians, music and production. For wow factor and added glamour then book the London Pop Orchestra. An eight piece string orchestra with or without rhythm section. This is perfect for award ceremonies, premiers and product launches or perhaps your exclusive celebrity party. https://musiciansinc.co.uk/artists/london-orchestra-for-event/

Pop String Quartet

pop string quartet for corporate event

The second string act with a difference is Sahara. An electric string trio with saxophone. Performing a devised show of classical crossover music and tangos. This is a fantastic group as it offers something for everyone with elements of jazz from the saxophone and classical from the strings. This group is starting to trend as clients move away from your standard electric string quartet and start looking for something a little different. Sahara currently headlines around the world alongside performing for private events in the UK. https://musiciansinc.co.uk/artists/electric-string-quartet/

Electric String Trio with saxophone

Electric String Trio with Saxophone

Introducing clients to new idea for 2013 is Project Secret. A dance and music act devised for corporate events. This is a new concept tying in a fully choreographed show with dancers and live music. This fills the gap where people are bored of your usual dance act, singing waitors and electric string quartets offering something completely new and original. https://musiciansinc.co.uk/artists/dance-and-music-show/

dance and music show

Project Secret, dance and music show

We can’t ignore what seems to be replacing background music as we know it, keeping up with the times is the ever increasingly popular DJ and live musician combo. To fulfill your needs we have put together the Chill Out Ensemble which features ex Hed Kandi DJ and live musicians. Clients love being able to create their acts and feel that they have control over the entertainment. For them this is the perfect option. Alongside DJ they can choose between beat boxer, saxophonist, violinist and percussionist. Playing to music of their choice. It keeps parties modern, fresh and moving with current trends. It is a definite must have for this years summer party. Musicians with DJ.

Violinist with DJ

Musicians with DJ

If you’re bored of all this and want something unseen then Alter Ego, an all girl saxophone quartet is an excellent choice for drinks receptions. They look great, play a mix of football anthems, jazz and pop music. There is no need for amplification with this group and are great for people who have found a traditional string quartet too quiet in the past. https://musiciansinc.co.uk/artists/female-saxophone-quartet/