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  • Contortionist Hire – Private Parties & Events

    Contortionists are a unique act to hire for corporate events, private parties and circus theme events in the UK and Europe. You can hire our contortionists in a variety of costumes themed to your event, performing ambient contortion on podiums or 5 minute stage show. Each contortion show is unique and will be tailored to your event. Staging required is a minimum of 4 x 4 metres.

    Performed to dramatic, classical music. A mix of extreme flexibility and delicate balancing skills creates an awe inspiring performance. Contortionist hire can add dynamics to any event. Whether performing through your audience or showcased on stage, prepare to be amazed and astounded at what the human body can do.

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    Our contortionists have performed all around the globe at some of the most prestigious and exciting clubs, galas, and functions in the world a swell as television and film appearances. These include Freddy Active, Alton Towers Resort world record attempt, Dolce & Gabbana, The Mummy 2017 and many more. The costumes for our contortionists can be tailored uniquely for you event in lycra and other fabrics. Colours black, blue, red, nude, white and gold. It is also possible to have a costume made for a specific event providing there is ample time upon request.

    All of our musicians are available to hire across the UK and Europe. For events outside of London travel is charged at cost plus an overnight stay if required. Check out our Youtube and Instagram Channel for more videos and live performances.

  • As well as contortion this act can offer the following shows:

    Aerial silks:
    Elegantly performed to classical music, Orissa’s aerial silks act combines extreme flexibility with startling drops that leaves the audience stunned. With a duration of 5-8 minutes, this act can be adapted to any theme required.

    Aerial hoop:
    This fast paced hoop act contains many agile moves whilst spinning at high speed, sure to amaze anyone who watches. This act can be from 5-8 minutes and adapted to any theme. Minimum height requirements are 3 meters.

    Aerial net:
    This unique act consists of Orissa performing contortion inside a net, suspended high in the air, whilst spinning at high speed. This act combines beauty, danger and is an excellent form of entertainment for themed events.

    Aerial umbrella:
    With very few aerial umbrellas in the world, this act is completely one of a kind. Inspired by ‘Singing in the Rain’, this involves gracefully executed moves suspended high up on a golden umbrella. Accompanied by golden glitter showering from the prop, this act is a visual spectacle not to be missed.

    Contortion/Hand balancing act:
    Beautiful hand balancing act performed to dramatic, classical music. A mix of extreme flexibility and delicate balancing skills creates an awe inspiring performance.

    Double Hoop Act:
    Performed along side Delia Du Sol, this act is inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Beginning inside a minature perspex chocolate box, the acrobats contort themselves and make their way over to the hoop. Spinning at high speed, the two girls perform duo contortion on one large hoop, designed to appear like a candy cane. This brilliantly choreographed act is both fun and spectacular, perfect for corporate events.

    *All acts can be adapted to theme and client preference.

  •  The Gymnast’s performance is completely mind blowing and left me feeling quite desolate at my own personal comparison! Prepare to be amazed!
    2010 Scotsgay Fringe Review

    I‘ve never seen anything like it! I wish I could bend like that 
    Daniel Radcliffe, Frankenstein 2015

    Contortionists’ performance at our wedding reception was one of the highlights of the event. Her routine and choice of music were so classy. It was show stopping!
    Tulasi Nadia Harrison, Wedding Client

    Everyone was ranting and raving about the aerialists. It seems like they will be the hot topic on everyones lips for a while!
    River Island Christmas Party 

    She is amazingly enthusiastic and will take on anything in the domain of acrobatics. I have no hesitation in recommending her and look forward to working with her again.
    Maurice Sparrow, Photographer 

    She was truly amazing and a pleasure to watch 
    Rusty Russell, Head of Russell’s Circus

  • Prices for performances in the UK and Europe start from £750 plus all expenses.

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