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Musicians for Advertising Campaign

We have had a lots of fun this year casting musicians for adverts, working with ad agencies and assisting press offices with musicians for their press campaigns.

Some highlights this year have included Groupon, Betfred, Primark, and BT. With our wide database of musicians, session musicians and actor musicians for adverts, assisting ad agencies on their advertising campaigns is one of our fortes. We have in house music producers, string arrangers and composers who are able to write music for adverts, films and commercials, booking session musicians to record the music and appear in adverts.

The cast were EXCELLENT. You couldn’t have done a better job with them. They were absolutely perfect and all had brilliant attitudes so thank you so much to them, and to you for all your hard work.

The shoot on Wednesday went well, your Singers are fantastic!

Check out our musicians in the Betfred Advert.